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Roman Iwaniec

Usually, my hands speak for me but here are a few words from me about me. I was born in Poland to Ukrainian parents, and we all moved to Detroit, MI when I was 5. My mother and father were very gifted with their hands and imparted some of that talent to me.


I attended university and have a degree in Engineering. I’ve done different kinds of work professionally, and much of it required the talent in my hands.  I built a model satellite and rocket ship in the 8th grade for the school science fair and won first place. As an entrepreneur I created a business which catered to the tool and equipment needs of the jewelry manufacturing industry from individual crafts persons to corporate chain stores. It was a very hands-on business. I’ve recently been a trim and finish contractor for one of a kind, high-end residences in Northern Michigan.


I began making Jewelry in 1991 in Berkeley, CA and still make it today. I’m self-taught, mostly, which helps give me a unique stance and look.


I’m back in my home in Eureka again, and I hope you enjoy looking at and/or wearing what I’ve made with my hands.


Oh, and I made the display case containing my jewelry at the Manifestations Gallery.

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