Christine Oster

My career as a potter began in Bloomington, Indiana while I was still teaching and raising my family. I retired to the woods of Yaak, Montana in 2011 and was delighted to be able to incorporate a pottery studio into my home and become a full-time potter.
I began making ceramic pendants as a result of taking a class in Precious Metal Clay. I was also working in a pottery studio, so I decided to practice using the ceramic clay from my pottery practice. To my surprise, the ceramic pendants were more fun to make and had endless decorative possibilities.
Gratitude describes how I feel to be retired and living in the wilderness in Northwestern Montana with my very own studio. I am inspired by my environment; the seasons, the ever-changing light, the mountains, conifers, blue sky, a starry night, and white clouds.
I hope my art brings more beauty into your life and a smile to your face.