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Sally Balderston

founder and curator

MANIFESTATIONS was actualized as I put my faith into truly believing that we are co-creators of our own realities.

Marketing was needed for my partner Ian Jeffcock and many other artistically productive friends.

So I decided to get dressed daily for a job I didn't yet have, and within a week the doors opened and it all began.

I had followed the steps of creating:  Envision it, Verbalize it, Feel it, and Act “as If” it’s already manifested .... and then Expect.

The timing was perfect and I was given the vision for this project right down to the name MANIFESTATIONS. Doug Merrill expressed the need to emphasize how art is created by Vision and Spirit, so that was added  :)

We are all very grateful and delighted to see what and who tomorrow brings.

Sally in the store.JPG
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