Doug Merrill

Doug Merrill

My career as a jewelry designer and silversmith began in 1971 during my sophomore year of college at CSU Fort Collins, Colorado. At that time I enrolled in a beginning jewelry-making class, where I was taught to use the basic tools of the trade and where I made my first primitive pieces.
At Fort Lewis College in Durango the following year, I enrolled in classes including Southwest Studies and Indian Arts and Crafts, where my love for turquoise jewelry in general - and Navajo jewelry in particular - influenced the design and fabrication of my early pieces.
Over the past 47 years, my jewelry styles and techniques have evolved, as has my use of gemstones from around the world and of every color of the rainbow.
Being part of Manifestations Gallery has given me a wonderful opportunity to continue to develop my art and craft ... and to share my love of the materials and the process with others.
Manifestations Gallery is truly a gallery of vision and spirit.  Come in and see and touch what we as artist and co-creators find interesting and beautiful ... and share with us your vision and spirit.