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Bernie Brown

Bernie is a self-taught pencil artist born and raised in Saskatchewan. He was a junior high school art and physical education teacher but gave up teaching in 1989 to [click on photo]

unnamed (8).jpg

Gretchen Clarke

Gretchen Clarke Jr, has been a resident of Eureka Montana since 1997. Wanting a life in the country, she left California and landed in Eureka, MT … which means “I found it!”

Farming soon became her life, [click on photo]


Carol Clouse

Carol Clouse is an artist and architect who has delved into many art mediums, with the common thread in her art being nature (...and horses.) [click on photo]

Caroline Cornell

Caroline Cornell

Caroline Cornell is a Creative. As a painter, her eclectic style is a reflection of her travels and of growing up in northwest Montana, capturing a spirit of the modern West, with texture color, and light. [click on  photo]

Timberland Bracelet

Jessica Fuller

While living in New Mexico in 1990, in the high desert and pinon-covered hills near the Pecos River, I embraced my native spirit and discovered a love for beadwork. I was working as an R.N. at the Santa Fe Indian Hospital. My neighbors were Jerry Ingram and Veronica Orr, well known [click on photo]

Trout Groupig

Brent Helnore

I had been doing taxidermy for at least 35 years with the dream of someday carving the same things. About 15 years ago I began to do just that. I hand carve and paint everything from game heads to fish and several  other species.  I coined the name Timberdermist [click on photo]

Karin 1.jpg

Karin Lamb


43-Chiropractor (wood, copper).JPG

Mark Matthews

Mark Matthews has been serious about art, music, literature and dancing all his life. As for his sculpting, Mark routinely experiments with different materials, techniques and styles - but remains uninterested in creating a specific “brand.” He seldom displays his art beyond [click on the photo]

Santa Fe Chicken

Montana Blue Heron, Marilyn Stevens

Montana Blue Heron is Marilyn Evans and Wm. Stevens, two self-taught weavers who have taken their willow structure weavings from simple basketry into the realm of woven sculpture and three-dimensional wall art. [click on the photo]

Wanda Mumm.jpg

Wanda Mumm

Wanda Mumm has exhibited at the national show level for a number of years. Throughout her career, she has won a number of national awards as well as being selected as the Featured Artist for several National Art Expos around the country. Her art has been featured in art magazines, on television programs and is ... [click on the picture]

Great Horned Owl.jpg

LaVerna Wiebe Peters

My nickname as a teenager was "foxtail," and yet it is Bears that have been the focus of my art for quite a while. Living in the East Kootenays of British Columbia, Canada, for the last 14 years, I am ... [click on the photo]

Louise Porter-Hahn.jpg

Louise Porter-Hahn

​I work in alabaster, which is a stone slightly softer and more yielding than marble. The color of the individual stones varies [click on photo]


Josh Sherwood

As a kid I was curious how toys worked, taking them apart to figure out the mechanics. My father taught me to weld, which plays a significant part in my art. I’ve always been a creator and a fixer, collecting pieces along the way. For the last 15 years, I’ve been assembling my junk, up-cycling into functional art. My eye is [click on the photo]


Luke Truman

Luke Truman says he finds inspiration at the juncture of science and art. One day, while looking at microscopic views of rocks for his work as a geologist, he considered the vivid colors and intriguing patterns and thought,[click on photo]

Christine pendant.jpg

Christine Villanueva


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