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Louise Porter-Hahn

​I work in alabaster, which is a stone slightly softer and more yielding than marble. The color of individual stones varies: white, pink, black, pearl, green, chocolate, gray. I think of myself as simply the vehicle by which the stone comes to life.


My artistic philosophy is that there will be a dialogue between me and the stone, and I must be willing to enter into that conversation. The forms that emerge, whether from nature or figurative,  are semi-abstract and consistently organic.


I work in either of two ways: I make sketches of the stone and its rough form, from which concepts and images then emerge. At other times, I have a global concept  I wish to create and choose stone which will accommodate my artistic vision.


All of my sculpture is created using hand tools, from carving to polishing. This basic but natural approach allows me to maintain total contact with the stone while I work

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